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Certified Lead Generation Consultant ServicesWant to See How We Deliver Ideal Prospects Who Want to Talk with You About Your Product or Service?


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Leads-Gen Consultant

 Certified Lead Generation Consultant Services ‘Done for You’

Our Elegant Living Directory Digital Marketing Services Explained In A Nutshell!

Your Hot Leads Are Ready to Talk with You…and Go to Your Website!

  • Our Certified Lead Generation Consultant will do all the work to drive traffic to your website from the #1 source of social media website traffic in the world!
  • Our Certified Lead Generation Consultant will do all the work to get your ideal prospects to contact you by phone, email, meeting or messages daily
  • All Hot, Warm and In-Discussion Leads are delivered right to your email
  • No more cold-calling or cold-emailing. No more hunting leads or spending ho

Perhaps you’re one of the many business owners who aren’t sure what to do, or … You know what to do.. But you’re tire

  • urs trying to keep up
  • Spend all your time closing sales to your ideal prospects online, or on the phone. Become a Lead Farmer vs Hunter
  • Triple your customer growth rate and cash flow acceleration with our ‘Done for You’ Leads Generation Consultant Services


Elegant Living Directory is our #1 B2B lead generation platform where many new members’ businesses have come to us through referrals simply from our successes in delivering new leads to businesses like yours from leads generated on our lead-gen directory platform monetization solution provided by our partner business Elegant Living Directory B2B & B2C Digital Marketing Services


Tired of doing the work, or.. You don’t mind the work, but you don’t have enough time to do it? Regardless of the reason, you just want someone to “Do It For You” …so you can focus on closing more sales, increasing cash flow and having more free time (you time). Today is your lucky day! Because we are going to make your dreams come true! Let us show you how we help you triple customer and cash flow growth in 90 days or less. Our Certified Lead Generation Directory Services Can Help Your Business Get New Appointments and New Clients with your Elegant Living Directory Membership…and we run all the targeting, follow up and marketing campaigns for you, filling your calendar faster than ever before!


There are many ways to contact us.  Or simply and conveniently schedule an appointment with our Certified Lead Generation Directory Services Expert below.  Our leads are vetted and includes names, email addresses, occupations, and any other information the leads have shared with us, giving us the clear signs of intent to engage with your business.


Speak with our Certified Leads Generation Consultant Services Expert Today if you want to DOUBLE your clients and customers but are exhausted with prospecting.