website design processes
website design processes

Website Design Processes

Website Design Processes Explains how we strategize, initiate, plan, execute, and close projects successfully for our clients, on time and within budget, according to scope.  We design your new website project according Project Management Best Practices for Website Design Processes to ensure a successful closure phase that is measurable.

Our Discovery Phase: Is where we conduct a free consultative phone session with our potential client to learn about the client’s website problem(s) or opportunity, the impacts on the business, and the environment in which the problem(s) or opportunity exists by asking targeted questions to uncover, on a broad level, the primary need for the project to take place.  Our Discovery phase is used as a framework to help understand the clients’ needs and to get clarity on their business problem so we can properly research to architect ‘the right’ solution.

Our Initiation Phase: The process continues with us sending a password in email (or texting) to our potential client to have him/her gain access to our questionnaire form.  The questionnaire serves to ensure that we and the potential client (both parties) are on the same page in terms of the scope of the problem or opportunity to be addressed, what is out of scope for the project, and the expected outcome.  We document a general scope statement which identifies the vision, including the goals, objectives, deliverables, the agreed upon funding amount, key milestones based on an agreed upon due date and schedule,  including what is not in scope for this project to ensure all parties are not thinking too big or too small on what is to be produced and so the primary success factors can be measurable which paves a road to a smooth endpoint and deliverable.

Our Planning Phase: Upon both parties reaching agreement on requirements through follow up discussions, this phase begins with our documenting a Statement of Work, otherwise known as a Preliminary Agreement on how and when the potential client’s objectives are to be achieved and includes the design layout, list of activities, resources required, external dependencies (if any), assumptions, budget, scheduled quality checkpoints and more.  Screen sharing sessions can be set up to share the look and feel of the web pages, advertisements or whatever is being discussed at the time, before a final Statement of Work document prior to signing a contract to ensure the client is satisfied with their requirements.  If necessary, updates can be made via Change Requests, which are part of our Website Design Processes, as well.  The Statement of Work is used as input to an online Contract Agreement document that will be signed online by both parties.  A deposit will then be made by the client so we can begin the work, followed by a midpoint payment and a final payment at the completion of the project. 

Our Execution Phase: is where the agreed upon deliverables outlined in the contract agreement are physically constructed with quality checkpoint screen sharing sessions held to ensure the project is progressing as expected per the agreement and the schedule.

Our Performance and Monitoring Phase: is executed in congruence with our execution phase where we are measuring progression and performance to ensure everything happening with the website aligns with the outlined plan and schedule for completing the website.  Our Website Design Processes sets expectations for both parties to avoid any confusion at the end of the project about what features and functions were agreed upon to be delivered on the expected date.

Our Closure Phase: represents the completed website and it ensures all deliverables and agreed upon change requests are completed.

Our Website Design Processes explains how we strategize, initiate, plan, execute, and close projects successfully, on time and within budget, according to scope while the customer is kept informed about their website project with our website design processes. 

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