Lets Begin With a Few Devices That Can Be Used as Beacons




Beacons push out notifications to other beacon enabled hardware such as Mobile phones using low level Bluetooth signals.  one of the latest trends in advertising with mobile marketing technologies is proximity-based marketing, benefiting most on-the-go shoppers because they are using their smartphones to connect with local businesses who are offering special deals, coupons, payment options and other incentives and taking immediate action in response to these offerings. Savvy business owners have been utilizing proximity marketing for a while now, but it is growing in use even more now.


Business owners can directly reach out to their customers with Beacon (1 – 230 ft.) and Geo-Fencing (1-1500 ft.) technologies to send ‘push notifications’ to their customers’ mobile devices in real-time informing them of special offers, promotions and business updates while customers are on-the-go, but in close-proximity of their businesses. Beacons are small hardware devices that use low energy Bluetooth connections to transmit beacon-triggered messages that communicate directly with smartphones or other mobile devices indoors or outdoors. Business owners can develop these push notification messages based on what discounts or incentives they want to offer prospects or customers. For example, hair salon owners can transmit messages to consumers that are outdoors but in close-proximity of their salons to stop in for a 15% discount on a wash and set. For an in-store experience, while inside a coffee shop beacons will keep customers informed of promotions by transmitting a message to your customers to purchase a pastry with their coffee and receive $1.50 off their entire order. Customers can immediately benefit from these loyalty programs without carrying innumerous paper coupons with them because everything is stored on their smartphones so they can take advantage of these daily deals from all sources.

At checkout, a customer presents their ‘coupon’ to redeem their coupon, receive their offer, or get their digital loyalty card punched. Implementing a proximity marketing solution with your custom branded ‘coupons’, you will enhance your methods of communication with customers, improve brand awareness, increase foot traffic, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately boost sales.




We Also Offer These Technologies to Help Businesses Directly Connect with Their Customers!

STEP 1: Add a Pass
You can distribute ‘Passes’ to your customers via Social Media, Email, SMS and even via printed and digital media embedded with QR Codes and NFC Tags. Once clicked, viewed, scanned or tapped, the ‘Pass’ is added into the ‘Mobile Wallet’.

STEP 2: Send Notifications
Send Push Notifications informing customers of your promotions, special offers, and business updates can be sent to their mobile device in real-time. Take it a step further and couple this with GPS and Beacon technology to send customers notifications when they are in proximity of your business.

STEP 3: In-Store Experience
While at your location, Beacons will keep customers informed of sales and promotions on their mobile devices as they pass through each department. At checkout, a customer presents their ‘Pass’ to receive their offer, redeem their coupon, or get their digital loyalty card punched.

STEP 4: New Promotions
As soon as a customer choose to add your ‘Pass’ to their ‘Mobile Wallet’, you will have a direct line of communication to their smartphone informing them of new promotions, sales or services.

Using your custom branded ‘Passes’, you will enhance communications with customers, improve brand appearance and awareness and ultimately increase customer loyalty.
• Boost Sales

When the offer is redeemed or expires, simply update it whenever you want, saving you money!
• Increase Foot Traffic

Entice customers to visit in-store with strategic location-based messaging.
• Increase Customer Loyalty

Improve business-consumer relationships by sending coupons or promotional offers instantly to their smartphones.