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Ghostwriting Solutions: Become a Published Author
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Ghostwriting Solutions: Our Process Makes It Easy For You

Ghostwriting Solutions: Our professional ghostwriting solutions are designed to match your ideas, your content, and your voice with your goal of becoming a published author.  If you are not sure what a ghostwriter is or what they do then read this article: ghostwriting-what-is-it-exactly

Much like our website development project management process, we treat the development of your book as a project managed by a process from the associated initial discovery, planning and outlining phases where we conduct interviews and research to learn all about you and your book idea so we can define the project to the closure phase which represents the completed book.

Our Discovery Phase is where even before we dive deep into the grit of your book we take a step back and visualize the big picture and dumb it down to the basics by asking very generic questions:

  • What is your book about?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the purpose of your book?

These might seem like generic questions, but they actually play a huge role in the delivery of our ghostwriting solutions because it determines how the book will be framed, outlined, planned, written, and delivered.

Our Initiation Phase is where we conduct interviews with you and do more research to learn all about you and your book idea to define your book project on a broad level.  We document your objectives, scope, purpose to ensure all parties are clear on what is to be produced and delivered in the form of a manuscript or book.  A general scope statement will be produced which identifies the vision for book, a description of the key milestones based on a schedule, a statement of the agreed upon funding amount to ensure no parties think too big or too small, and the primary success factors for paving a road to a smooth endpoint and deliverable, i.e. the book.

Our Planning Phase begins with documenting the plan of how and when your book’s objectives are to be achieved by showing the design layout, list of activities, resources required, external dependencies, planning assumptions, budget, scheduled quality checkpoints and more, as part of our ghostwriting solutions process.

Our Execution Phase is where the task assignments outlined in the plan are executed with the appropriate tracking systems in place including the actual ghostwriting of your original content ideas based on pre-scheduled interviews with you or research and updating the project schedule as required.

Our Performance and Monitoring Phase is executed in congruence with our ghostwriting solutions process execution phase where we are also measuring project progression and performance to ensure everything happening with the book aligns with the outlined project plan and schedule for completing the book.

Our Closure Phase represents the completed book and it ensures all revisions to our writing are done per your feedback and guidance and that your text is delivered free of error.  Formatting and typesetting will be delivered to you for print-on-demand publication.

Ghostwriting Solutions Add-On Services, should you need it includes:

  • Literary Agent Search Services
  • Book Cover Design

Let us work with you to put your words to print while guiding you through the entire writing and publishing process. You will get a dedicated individual on your book project that will wear many hats as your professional consultant, ghostwriter, coach, project manager, editor, and industry expert.  If you want a website or landing page for your new book and a book cover design, of course we can include those into the ghostwriting solutions package as well.

Your dream of becoming a published author is about to come to fruition!