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WebDesign Must Be Purposeful
WebDesign Must Be Purposeful

Websites Must Be Purpose-Driven

Website design, aka WebDesign or web design, encompasses many different skill sets, disciplines, and knowledge areas in the design and functionality of successful websites.  From the perspective of knowledgeable areas website design (WebDesign or web design) projects involves a lot of work and an in-depth knowledge the WebDesign layout relative to the placement of text, consistency of fonts styles and sizes, headings, sub-headings, button styles, color combination, impacts on image sizes, load speed, ease of navigation, usability, coding with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. Xml, and so much more, in addition to knowledge of SEO relative to how search engines function to land websites on the search engine results pages (SERPs) including the factors that would prevent a site from appearing on SERPs, and finally, research of consumer behavior including analyses of behavioral and psychographic patterns on websites, and more.  In essence, once website is optimized, marketed, and traffic begins flowing through to your site, businesses need to understand web analytics and its limitations to business insight about their website visitors. For example, how long did visitors stay on your site? Where did they enter? Where did they exit? Did they place an order or not? Analytics tools can answer these questions, but not the “why questions” when visitors bounce from your website and/or do not place orders for your product, as examples. That is why you should want to work with website design, aka WebDesign or web design company that encompasses many different skillsets, disciplines, and knowledge areas in the design and functionality of successful websites from the very beginning. 

Read about a case study about one of our client’s who was looking for help for her website: https://www.elegantlivingdirectory.com/press-n-pr/case-study-prettiuneek-jewelry

When you take a step back to consider what our client was really asking for, she wanted her website to be purpose-driven and a problem solver for her website’s prospect visitors who were searching for unique products that she offered so they could take action.  Her WebDesign had to be conducive to first being found in search engine results pages so searchers looking for products like hers could find her products online and once visitors landed on her website her content had to solve the searchers’ problem in terms of showing them what they were searching.  For example, if a searcher was searching for unique wood earrings our client’s unique wood earrings product that was found online had to clearly communicate relevant information to engage the searcher to take action (purchase) on her website https://prettiuneekjewelry.squarespace.com/shop/wood-earrings, thus solving the searcher’s problem. 

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