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Webdesign SEO iMarketing Solutions Are All About Us: We have delivered online experiences that went far beyond just the delivery of a new website to our clients' for their prospective visitors. Our purpose-driven websites have continuously increased our clients' own website visitors' engagement activities. Our ideal webdesign clients are business owners and entrepreneurs who have been profitable for 3+ years, who are kept too busy with their core business to design an effective website on their own that simultaneously receives organic website visitor traffic from different search engines (skilled at SEO) while keeping their website visitors engaged once visitors have landed on their website. So, now they want to take their brand or vision to the next level and need a new website or current website enhancements to clearly articulate their vision and brand to attract more of their own ideal customers through their website. We are a Digital Marketing Agency of webdesign creatives, marketers, technologists, business strategists, and project managers experienced in knowing how to effectively communicate your message through Internet Marketing. We are skilled at helping you craft a powerful branding messages on your website, when needed. Our Differentiator? Seasoned expertise in leading global teams in end-to-end new product & technology development projects and programs from concept to deployment, many incorporating new webdesign technologies, including crafting Public Relations Marketing Communications about these new cutting-edge technologies. We have the rare and sought after combined business and technical expertise to offer your business a 'One-Stop-Shop' to ``Get Your Job Done``. We have over 40 combined years of experience on all levels of technology and business in the telecommunications industry and as entrepreneurs, ourselves, with advanced degrees in technology, management and business strategy (as advanced as doctoral studies with published works), so we can offer the most current best practices in WebDesign SEO iMarketing Solutions to help business owners and entrepreneurs better analyze their current customers and attract new customers to grow their customer base.
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Webdesign SEO iMarketing Solutions Are Purpose-Driven for us. Many people perform online searches before they make a purchase, so you would want to ensure your business website is ranked on the first few pages of search results to 'Get Found' by online searchers. This requires a balance between good Webdesign SEO iMarketing practices.


Our SEO solutions are based on what the search engines consider most relevant to users. We take into consideration domains and URLs, content and writing, duplicate content, site architecture, HTML code, social media, violations and a thousand other factors that would prevent a site from getting listed to ensure our sites have the best chance possible to become found in the search engines


When visitors land on your site via mobile or a tablet, they don’t necessarily need all of the same information that’s on your desktop site. Responsive website design is about function, purpose, and context. Mobile browsing habits are different than for desktop websites so the function, purpose, and context will be different. The average person uses a combination of 3 different screens every day such as smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Different devices mean different customer needs for that time period. A responsive website doesn’t right-size that information on its own, we help design that elegant experience tailored for you and your customers.


Our imarketing consulting solutions intersect between a thorough understanding of all areas of a business and utilizing big data, data analytics, cognitive computing, and cross-platform anytime access to gain decision-making insights from scalable data gathering made possible by our next generation technology. Whether our business consulting solutions provide you with a research report, a competitive analysis, a strategic plan, or suggesting which mobile marketing techniques such as beacon technology you can use to engage with more of your customers and how to use them, we help show you the areas in your business that need your attention from internal or external environmental forces if you are willing to make a change.
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Webdesign Solutions are purposeful for us because we deliver online experiences to prospective website visitors. Our purposefully crafted websites have increased our clients' own website visitors' engagement activities.
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Webdesign SEO iMarketing start with websites designed for powerful search engine response. A good Website design will pay you back many times with customer interest and conversion. A website that is optimized can get lots of free traffic! Our Website search engine optimization evaluation services may lead to your decision for a new Website design so your potential customers can find you more easily. We then implement the foundation to get found in the search engines with our SEO strategies, followed by our Content Writing Solutions either by optimizing your existing content or we write SEO-friendly and engaging content from scratch. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical element for online marketing. Business owners love it when they have search engine optimized websites because it puts them in a good position to get lots of organic traffic…and for free! The problem is, business owners have big challenges when it comes to search engine optimization. It is because no one really knows how Google decides where to rank your site and when it will show up. Any expert that tells you that they know exactly how Google’s ranking works and/or guarantees that you’ll get into the top spots (for a fee, of course), is being less than truthful. Even so, there are proven techniques that can be implemented to get your site into the top of the listings. We believe in being very transparent about what we're doing and why we're doing it, so we'll show you exactly what we're doing to get your business found ahead of your competition. Optionally, we continue to build on this foundation with carefully coordinated online marketing activities. Our marketing campaigns include: • pay–per–click campaigns,
• mobile marketing campaigns,
• social media campaigns,
• syndication of custom written and engaging blog articles,
• email marketing campaigns,
• podcast creations,
• video creations, and more that are designed to promote customer acquisition & retention, loyalty, and more. All our campaigns are managed by industry experts to achieve premium results.

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"Working with E-Zen I-Marketing & Research has been a pleasure. Their expertise and focus on website results helped us enhancing our business. A website redesign company I would always recommend."
_Mr.Summer, CEO - Founder
"Olivia helped me a lot in my business. Thanks to E-Zen I-Marketing & Research, I boosted my sales to the top. I was using the expertise found at E-Zen I-Marketing & Research for like 6 months and now my products are #1 in Sales"
_Mrs.Autumn, Designer
"I was taking photos for a magazine when an advertisement popped up, it was E-Zen I-Marketing and I was immediately attracted by the digital marketing advertisement. This is better than anything I've ever had."
_Mr.Winter, Marketing
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Digital Marketing, including Webdesign, Internet Marketing, and Video Marketing (example https://youtu.be/QTDnBKQRoog/) are designed for promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the Internet. Websites are necessary to help businesses become more profitable, but they need to 'get found' in search results using relative keywords.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit and Correction Services

Businesses love successful search engine optimized websites because they can get lots of traffic…and for free. Our website search engine optimization evaluation and correction services may show you what needs to be changed so your website can pay you back many times over with new customer conversions. Our strategies take into consideration search engine behavior, people's search terms, search engines are preferences, and targeted audiences, among other things.

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i-Marketing & Digital Marketing Services

i-Marketing technologies help drive traffic, leads, and sales for our clients. Some of the technologies we incorporate include: Near Field Communications (NFC) tap technology for payment options; Proximity Marketing using beacon technology for retail stores; High Converting SMS Text Marketing Campaigns for restaurants; Content Writing Services for SEO, email Marketing Campaigns, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns & more. We help our clients deliver promotional messages to their customers through various digital channels such as search engines, email, websites, and social media.


Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services includes creating and distributing 'Done for You' online content that is custom, relevant and valuable content for Press Releases, Business Plans, Articles, Newsletters, Speeches, videos, websites, podcasts,and more. Our content strategies attracts a clearly defined audience with the goal of driving profitable actions from prospects and customers. If you’re simply too busy to do it yourself and do not have an in-house staff, then hiring us may be your best option. Our Content marketing strategies also supports our other digital marketing channels such as contributing to your SEO efforts that gets found in search engines.

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