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E-Zen i-Marketing & Research specializes in helping bricks & mortar business and entrepreneurs digitally communicate with their customers and prospects in the approaching 2020 digital marketing world. With over 40 years combined experience working with cutting-edge technologies on all levels in the telecommunications industry and as entrepreneurs, ourselves, with advanced degrees in technology, management and business strategy (as advanced as doctoral studies with published works), we offer the best website design | SEO | i-Marketing Service for Bricks & Mortar Businesses and Entrepreneursto help you better analyze your customers to grow your businesses.
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The keys to our success with advanced SEO techniques? We take into consideration domains and URLs, content writing and copywriting, duplicate content, site architecture, HTML code, social media, violations and a hundred other factors that would prevent a site from appearing in top search engine results pages (SERPs) to ensure our websites we design for you have the best chance possible to become found in the top search engine results pages. This is not to be confused with indexing. All sites get indexed but not all sites get found in search results pages.


When visitors land on your site via mobile or a tablet, they don’t necessarily need all of the same information that’s on your desktop site. Responsive website design is about function, purpose, and context. Mobile browsing habits are different than for desktop websites so the function, purpose, and context will be different. The average person uses a combination of 3 different screens every day such as smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Different devices mean different customer needs for that time period. A responsive website doesn’t right-size that information on its own, we help design that elegant experience tailored for you and your customers.


Our business consulting solutions intersect between a thorough understanding of all areas of a business and utilizing big data, data analytics, cognitive computing, and cross-platform anytime access to gain decision-making insights from scalable data gathering made possible by our next generation technology. Whether our business consulting solutions provide you with a research report, a competitive analysis, a strategic plan, or suggesting which mobile marketing techniques such as beacon technology you can use to engage with more of your customers and how to use them, we help show you the areas in your business that need your attention from internal or external environmental forces if you are willing to make a change.
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In addition to delivering website design services and mobile marketing and research services from us, E-Zen i-Marketing & Research provides custom logo design services, content writing services, including primary and secondary research articles, blog articles, videos, podcasts, and more about strategies using interactive technologies to help your business engage directly with your customers. Our works have been published on many websites, including directories and repositories. Our loyal customers have returned to purchase many of our services and products in the form of upgraded websites, custom designed logos, original content writing services, video production services, research services, consulting services, and more over the years.

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"Working with E-Zen I-Marketing & Research has been a pleasure. Their expertise and focus on website results helped us enhancing our business. A website redesign company I would always recommend."
_Mr.Summer, CEO - Founder
"Olivia helped me a lot in my business. Thanks to E-Zen I-Marketing & Research, I boosted my sales to the top. I was using the expertise found at E-Zen I-Marketing & Research for like 6 months and now my products are #1 in Sales"
_Mrs.Autumn, Designer
"I was taking photos for a magazine when an advertisement popped up, it was E-Zen I-Marketing and I was immediately attracted by the digital marketing advertisement. This is better than anything I've ever had."
_Mr.Winter, Marketing
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E-Zen i-Marketing and Research offers web design services and i-marketing services giving a whole mobile shopping experience for customers and businesses alike, including Near Field Communications (NFC) tap technology, proximity marketing, SMS text marketing, Content Writing Services and more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit and Correction Services

Businesses love successful search engine optimized websites because they can get lots of traffic…and for free. Our website search engine optimization evaluation and correction services may show you what needs to be changed so your website can pay you back many times over with new customer conversions..

Bluetooth Smart

Proximity-Based Marketing Services

Boosting your service with powerful tools and more convenient features. One of the latest trends in advertising with mobile marketing technologies is proximity-based marketing, benefiting most on-the-go shoppers because from their smartphones they can connect with local businesses who are offering special deals, coupons, payment options and other incentives and take immediate action in response to these offerings while on-the-go.


Content Writing Services

In addition to SEO copywriting services, primary and secondary research services and other 'Done for You' content writing services including Press Releases, Business Plans, Articles, Newsletters, Speeches, and more, we provide assistance with writing and publishing your books/eBooks. E-Zen I-Marketing and Research, LLC provides ghostwriting services for those who either do not have the time or do not know how to bring these type writing projects to fruition.

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