Premium Luxury Real Estate Websites

Luxury Real Estate Websites


Premium Real Estate Websites are custom-built by E-Zen i-Marketing and Research, LLC.

Premium Luxury Real Estate Websites

Premium Real Estate Websites

Premium Luxury Real Estate Websites are custom designed by E-Zen i-Marketing & Research LLC that deliver IDX features and functionalities potential customers expect to see on premium real estate websites from brokers, top-notch real estate agents, and property management organizations.  We give your websites the features and functionalities to make your company a ROCKSTAR, like multiple search criteria such as Price, Keyword, Subdivision, Map Location, Address, or MLS Number, custom links and property type labels for your results landing pages that help generate strong Search Engine Indexing, website speed optimization,  and search engine optimization (above and beyond indexing) and so much more that separates our premium websites from others’ run-of-the-mill websites.  A few years ago as a guest blogger for one of our clients, we wrote an article that essentially conveyed why website speed optimization is so important for your potential customers and a Google requirement for getting found in search results.  While an excerpt about website speed is provided below, the full article can be read at net-neutrality-what-it-means-to-small-businesses-98/

Web pages need to load in a browser in under 3 seconds as one of the factors considered for mobile-friendly websites to provide a good customer experience as not to cause an undue user stress and frustration leading to a decrease in user satisfaction, decreased engagement, and website abandonment in favor of users moving on to competitors who are providing a better mobile-friendly web presence.

When you are ready to upgrade from a basic, functional website to Premium Real Estate Websites with the appropriate layout and content because you better understand what your website visitors are looking for on your website, and what was working on your previous website and what wasn’t, then let E-Zen i-Marketing & Research build that custom luxury Real  Estate Website for you.  No job is too big or too small for us.

If you’re not sure that you fully understand your Website prospects’ & customers’ habits yet, we’ve got you covered there too.  We consult with you about the various website design services that will allow you to begin getting the most from your website analytics. Combined with our Certified  Internet Marketing Expertise, content writing services, and SEO it becomes simplified for you to better understand your customers’ website behaviors to attract more prospects that converts to customers.

Our Expert Website Design, SEO, and i-Marketing Services delivers responsive, premium real estate websites that provide a wealth of features for your engagement with prospects/customers on-the-go, including website speed optimization, geo fencing, promo coupons, inquiry forms, loyalty programs, and optional third-party integrations such as online push notifications, comprehensive analytics  (customized behavioral and market research) and more designed for your business that helps you to communicate with mobile consumers including customers and prospects through our premium luxury   real estate websites and apps.

Nowadays, one of the ideal ways to reach a customer is through his or her mobile device.  Our Expert Website Design, SEO, and i-Marketing Services delivers responsive, law office websites that provide a wealth of features for your engagement with consumers/customers on-the-go, including appointment reminders or other push notifications, comprehensive analytics  (behavioral and market research) and more  designed for today’s mobile consumers through mobile-optimized websites and apps.  Push notifications are pop up messages that appear on a mobile device that can get users to take action such as inform the device owner about an upcoming appointment or change as examples of Premium Real Estate Websites.  We transform your site from ordinary to outstanding and set your business apart with powerful built-in tools.

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