Business Consulting Services Are Priced Differently from Our Website Design Services

Business Consulting and WebDesign - Both Are Our Passion

Business Consulting Services: For any business owner, change is the one thing of which we can be certain. Customers change, as do technology, competition and the market. Your existing business needs to be tweaked whenever these external forces impact your business to prevent it from being left in the dust. We can provide insights about these external forces so your internal business will know what needs tweaking, including seo copywriting services and other content writing services from our research services team. With the increasing use of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and the internet of things (IoT), opportunities to utilize Business Consulting Services can help you know your market and your customers so you can be ahead of the competition. Speak with us about our bundled Business Consulting Services, including your content writing needs for better pricing.

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‘’ The key to success is we ensure our website designs, configurations, and content make it easy for search engines to crawl and understand what your website is all about!’’

Our Consulting Services

Pricing Table



Price does not include cost of new website design

  • Provide useful tips for marketing
  • Provide detailed advice on business trends, consumer patterns, and Interactive technologies specific to your industry
  • General Strategies on growing a Business


Price does not include cost of new website design

  • Instruction on Business development
  • "How to achive #1 in your market" Program
  • Professional Guidance


Price does not include cost of new website design

  • Attention to your real-life Business activities
  • Work virtually like a real staff in the business
  • Personal Training on advanced business strategies to engage your specific customers
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    “My Web Development & Business Strategy Consulting company I contracted to give my business a face lift went beyond for me - designing a a directory website comparable to the quality and look of PayPal's Website! Nothing but the best from E-Zen i-Marketing & Research!!!”
    “E-Zen i-Marketing & Research created an online video of our wedding to share with family and friends, and we could not be happier with the result.”
    “We used E-Zen i-Marketing & Research Mobile Marketing Agency for many video and content writing projects for our Innovative Bathroom Fixtures business and, each time, have been very pleased with the outcome.”

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